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Frequently asked questions about our services. 

Does Crew Wellness offer Community Health Worker Certification Courses? Yes, our certification course is all virtual and for 16 weeks covering the 8 core competencies required in the state of Texas. (Certificate #86, Expiration 5/2025). 

Do I have to live in Texas to take the CHW Certification Course? No, Students can take the course from all over the nation. Be sure to check with your state for any specifics you may need.

Does Crew Wellness offer a Community Health Worker-Instructor Certification Course? No, we refer inquires to our curriculum partner Umemba Health for the CHW Instructor Certification 

Are group rates available for our CHW Certification Courses? 

Yes, group rates are available for 5 or more participants on our certification courses. Please email  for more information or use the contact us tab to get in touch.

e courses offered In? All courses and workshops are offered in English only at this time.

Is Crew Wellness LLC an approved provider for Continuing Education Credit?

Yes! Crew Wellness is a Texas DSHS-approved provider of CHW and CHW Instructor certification and continuing education. (Certificate #70, Expiration 5/2025). 

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