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Our mission is to create engaging professional development experiences rooted in wellness for healthcare professionals to thrive. View our signature services below and complete the contact form to work with us. 

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This virtual 16 week course covers the 8 Key Core Competencies in the State of Texas. The Crew Wellness CHW Academy Course includes hands-on practice, group activities, demonstrations, role-playing, case studies, and simulation. Learners will have many opportunities for questions and answers through interactive, thought-provoking dialogue-not just with facilitators and instructors, but also with their peers. 

*We are a Texas Department of State Health Services Approved Training Center #86.


Community Health Worker Continuing Education (CEUs)

We offer Continuing Education Units courses through our virtual classroom Crew Wellness Academy specifically  for Community Health Workers and Community Health Worker Instructors to stay compliant with their certification. There are a variety of Texas DSHS- Certified and Non DSHS Certified Courses available in our collection. These courses are available to be taken by any health profession all over the globe,  a digital CEU is provided at the end of the course.


*We are a Texas Department of State Health Services Approved Training Center #70.


Professional Development Training For Organizations

We facilitate engaging, educational, and energizing sessions that will have your employees walking away with actionable strategies they can begin implementing immediately to manage wellness and implement self care. Our training can be provided as one session or a multi-series.


Speaking Engagements

Our CEO provides captivating messages for keynote conferences and breakout sessions that leave the audience with a new perspective as she delivers a powerful  message that is rooted in wellness. 


Consulting & Technical Assistance

We offer consulting in the following area: 

  • Technical Assistance for public health project management

  • Curriculum Development Assistance 



Crew Wellness provides a directory of wellness resources for healthcare professionals here.

“With a new and developing CHW workforce in South Dakota, helping our CHWs to avoid burnout and take some time to focus on self-care was a huge focus of our second annual statewide conference. With over 300 attendees, Tasha captivated the audiences' attention and was able to personally connect with so many of the audience members - especially CHWs during her keynote presentation. We were so fortunate to find a CHW (Tasha) to present to CHWs on a topic so important to supporting the workforce here in South Dakota. Thank you Tasha!"

Community Health Worker Collaborative of South Dakota

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